Our Story

When our family was younger, our daughter would sit in the backyard, lay the chickens in her lap, stroke their tummies and tell them her news. We decided that this family needed a dog! Our children had life impacting allergies, including dog hair, so we set out to find a low-shedding breed who was going to be great with kids. After some research we selected an Australian Labradoodle. We welcomed Elsie to our home in 2011. Elsie exceeded our expectations and continues to bring enrichment and unreserved love to our family.

We have pondered over the years about playing a role in breeding and early training of Australian Labradoodles as much-loved family pets and companion dogs. In 2022 we obtained provisional membership with the Australian Labradoodle Association as we felt strongly that potential fur-parents can feel confident that we are accountable to other breeders and have a place to seek advice and collaboration.

Asha joined us and swiftly nestled into our lives. We are thrilled that she has passed her health tests and takes her place as our Foundation Girl. We are planning her first litter for Spring 2023.

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