Our Fur Family

Willow Lane Asha

Date of Birth: 30th March 2022

Size: Miniature, 6.5kg

Coat: Black Sable, Fleece

ALA Registration: 0156-013-05 Sire: Myamba Rustic Style Dam: Willow Lane Kiara Jayne

DNA: Clear PennHIP: R 0.39 L 0.43 Hips: 2 + 2 Elbows: 0 + 0

Asha is a confident, fun-loving little girl who enjoys playing with her humans and investigating the world. She’s very social and quickly endears herself to all who meet her. We are looking forward to welcoming her first litter in Spring 2023.

Aunty Elsie

Date of Birth: 23rd February 2011

Coat: Cream, Fleece

Size: Miniature

Elsie, whilst not a breeding girl, is a gentle big sister and has assisted in training Asha how to play fetch, sit straight when Mum opens the treat box and when to use her inside voice. Elsie is current tug-of-war champion and looking forward to supporting Asha through her journey to motherhood.

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